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Custom Battler Mobs

While our heroes are enjoying searching for petrified beach wood off the coast of Thandor's Cove, we've been hard at work creating new monsters, building cities & programming exciting mechanics!

Dream Blue intends to release a fully exclusive set of battler mobs in Shadow Star, something that gamers everywhere rightfully anticipate!

While we work furiously to produce fun and fierce enemies, tell us:  What monster/mobs do you want to see in the world of Galandria?

Determined Progression
Pauls GhostFire Wisp.png

We have unfortunately had to discontinue services with an outside artist who was being contracted to supply original concept art monsters.  That artist's work has been removed from the game to avoid any concerns over intellectual property infringement... 

While it is a setback, it's a minor one.  Dream Blue is bringing on board fresh and talented replacement artists who will help create a world of unique and high quality monster art.  Shadow Star continues to move forward and we're all excited to see just what creepy critters and monstrous perils await adventurers in the days to come! 

Developer's Journey

When a person or team comes together to make a video game, it often starts with the end "vision" in mind, but rarely (in my opinion) do indie developers consider all the project commitments involved to bring such a vision to fruition. 

Here, at Dream Blue, we're no exception to the rule. We recognize creating a successful video game is no small task.  In an effort to shed light on the development process, it we'll  highlight a few of the considerations involved in game design.  Each category contains a myriad of sub-elements to factor in:

  • Game Development
  • Character Development (names, backstory, appearance, skills, etc.)
  • Class Development (abilities, stats, growth charts, team-dynamics, etc.)
  • Zoning & Region Development (access, concept, nomenclature, towns, dungeons, etc.)
  • Balancing (battle testing, mob vs. player-party, boss fights, scaling, encounter rates, etc.)
  • Mechanics
  • Engine Utilization
  • Plug-ins, Assets, Physics Modeling
  • Art (in-game, promotional, concept, animation(s) etc.)
  • Audio (background music, SFX, voice acting PRN)
  • Story boarding (main plot progression, sub-plotting, access restrictions, transitions, etc.)
  • NPC development (visual and dialog)
  • Dialog (initial scripting,  editing, etc.) 
  • Narrative
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Production & Distribution
  • Branding (both game & company - for new indie developers)
  • Funding
  • Alpha/Beta Testing & Quality Assurance
  • Platform(s)
  • Budgeting & Resource Management
  • Legal, Licensing & Registration

In other words... having an idea for a great video game is honestly the smallest and likely easiest piece of the puzzle.  While the game development piece is the exciting part, there are a host of issues to address in order to afford us a place on the successful-release ladder. 

While it's been an arduous journey, it's also been extremely rewarding.  Members of our team have grown by leaps and bounds in areas of programming, art and music composition.  The work isn't done, but we've come a long way and Shadow Star is becoming a quality force to be reckoned with (at least in our biased opinion). 

With that said, we hope you'll appreciate all the hard work and effort put in by our team.  Stay tuned, and we promise to bring you something that you'll be sure to remember for a long time to come!

Thank you for all your support!