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Twenty years ago, evil sought to plunge the peaceful world of Galandria into eternal darkness. Though his motives were unknown, the Dark Emperor, Veloros, threatened to open a portal to the “Shadow Star,” a place of dark evil. Legend claims that the Shadow Star harbored innumerable demons and evil spirits; a certain and unstoppable threat upon Galandria, should a gateway ever bridge the worlds together. 

Five brave heroes, led by the great paladin Garett, managed to hinder the portal’s opening and ultimately defeat Veloros from unleashing the darkness. Their valiant efforts brought peace, a peace which all Galandrians could live by; that is, all but one…Mephalak, Veroros’ talented and powerful apprentice. Upon learning of his master’s demise, Mephalak vowed to avenge his death and finish what was left undone… 

While little is known of what became of Mephalak, rumors have arisen that tell of his alliance with the Moon Elf kingdom – a kingdom at war with humans and their very own cousin Wood Elves. If true, it’s only a matter of time before Mephalak is able to successfully gather the resources needed to complete his unholy task. 

This is where our story begins; in the humble logging village of Solace. It is here that young Lance and his older brother Bryce, are about to embark on an epic journey that would change the world of Galandria, forever! 




Dream Blue


Fantasy Role-Playing Game (RPG)


Expected RElease

2019 (2nd half)

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This is an amazing title that really showcases what you can do with the RPG Maker MV Engine
— Driftwood Gaming
As far as sword and sorcery/Dungeons and Dragons style RPG’s go, this is the best I’ve ever played! Even if you think you’re tired of fighting goblins in the woods, the dev still found a way to make it fun again.
— Nicholas Watson
This is one of the best games we’ve ever played in RPG Maker. It’s got a powerful and epic opening, a strong cinematic sense, great mapping, solid characters, and is well balanced.... All we can say is “Holy S***!
— Studio Blue


Advanced Class Access

While some character classes are locked down, certain unknown characters have the potential to progress into an entirely new class with exciting and advanced combat abilities.  Do you have what it takes to uncover them?  Play Shadow Star to find out.

Dynamic Gear

Wonder why wearing a pot for a helmet, or wielding a tree branch for a "magical staff" never put you in the doghouse with your party members in other games?  Wonder no more, as you'll find gear in Shadow Star plays a dynamic and entertaining role in character dialog and world lore.  Additionally, items vary in rarity, denoting their power/potential. Their color indicates rarity (ex. "Common"=White, "Uncommon"=Green,"Rare"=Blue, and even rarer items) . 

Unique Hidden Abilities

What game would be complete without some hidden gems... and by hidden gems, we mean spells and abilities of course!  Shadow Star rewards players for exploration.  Hunt to your hearts content as you attempt to track down the most maniacal, superstitious and wild powers that Galandria has to offer.

Synergy Combat

Two heads are better than one.  You'll gain access special abilities and spells which are only accessible with varying combinations of characters being present in your party.  Try them all to discover just what lies in store for the poor creature who dares to pick on your team.

New Never-before-seen Ability Mechanics

Retro-style, check.  Beautiful music, check.  Same old boring ability mechanics, che-  wait!   Let's try that again: Awesome never-before seen ability mechanics, check!  That's right: Shadow Star boasts new exciting ability mechanics which will test your brainpower.  Learn to harness your skills and abilities to the maximum in chance puzzle-based encounters. 

Cameo Appearances & Easter Eggs

Mom may have told you never to talk to strangers, but in Shadow Star it's never been more fun.  Seek out quests and discussions with Non-Player Character (NPC's) as a way to find what are sure to be some very entertaining Easter eggs.

Rich Side-Questing

Some players may be bent on keeping on the straight and narrow path of fate; but for everyone else, there are a wide variety of satisfying and rewarding side quests to supplement one's heroic journey!

Light & Dark

The powers of Light and Dark are willfully at play in Galandria.  Key characters will benefit from strategically using abilities driven by those powers.  Such actions will serve to empower them further in ways which may excite or frighten you...


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As we seek to improve the quality and experience of Shadow Star, your feedback is appreciated.  Have a suggestion for improvements, ideas, concepts or other matters which you'd like to contribute; please let us know below. 

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